UAPL Training and Assessment on Multi-rotor up to 7kg

Course code: UT05

S$2,099 / person


Course code: UT05

About this course

This course prepares trainees with no prior experience in UA operation to attain the Class A (Rotorcraft) UAPL limited to multi-rotor up to 7kg only.

The course comprises 3 parts:

Theory Training8h

– 2 theory modules

Practical Training (8 modules)18h

– 5 modules: multi-rotor UAs (<15kg)3h each

– 1 mock evaluation: multi-rotor UAs (<15kg)3h

UAPL Practical Assessment1h
– 1 flight assessment by an Authorised Flight Examiner: multi-rotor UAs up to 7kg

Trainees undertaking this practical training programme can expect to log 4.5 flight hours.

Instructor to trainee ratio

Theory –          1:12
Practical –       1:2
Assessment – 1:1

4.5 flight hours
8 modules + 1 flight assessment
Approx. 27 hours to complete

Things to know


9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
67 Ayer Rajah Crescent #06-25, Singapore 139950


9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Field along Old Holland Road /
Fields along Ayer Rajah Crescent


By appointment only
Field along Old Holland Road / 
Fields along Ayer Rajah Crescent

What you will learn

The theory training module comprises six topics, covering the knowledge tested in the UAPL theory test administered by CAAS.

Theory Module 1T010General UAS Knowledge
T020Principles of Flight
T030Air Law
Theory Module 2T040Navigation and Meteorology
T050Human Factors
T060Safety and Operations
QuizT001.E150 multiple choice questions

Objective: Understanding how to confidently and safely operate a small multi-rotor UA.

This practical training module comprises the operation of a small multi-rotor UA (weighing less than 15kg)

The practical flight evaluation is conducted as a mock practical assessment and also serves to familiarise the trainee with the procedures of the UAPL Practical Assessment.

Small multi-rotor UA

Training Module 1P010.01UAS Control Familiarisation
Training Module 2P010.02Orientation Training
Training Module 3P010.03Circuit Training
Training Module 4P010.04Advanced Circuit Training
Training Module 5P010.05Advanced Circuit Training
Mock EvaluationP010.E1Full Circuit and Orientation Revision + Mock Evaluation

Description: An evaluation of the candidate’s proficiency and confidence in operating a rotorcraft UA weighing up to 7kg to the standards required to attain a Class A (Rotorcraft) UAPL limited to multi-rotor up to 7kg only.

Candidates are expected to complete the practical assessment within the time frame provided.

Flight Assessment A001.01Class A (Rotorcraft) UAPL Practical Assessment - Operation of a small multi-rotor UA weighing less than 15kg

Suitable for

New and aspiring UA pilots looking to kickstart their journey to attain their Class A (Rotorcraft) UAPL limited to multi-rotor up to 7kg.

Questions and Support

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